Davido Has An Abandoned First Baby, Who Is A Spitting Image Of Imade – Kemi Olunloyo - Hubtainment Nigeria

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Davido Has An Abandoned First Baby, Who Is A Spitting Image Of Imade – Kemi Olunloyo

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Controversial Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, is making serious allegations against Davido again. This time , it is about the paternity of a child, who according to the journalist is Davido’s first child.

“This is UR alleged FIRST child @iam_Davido. Just like you denied Imade & got a paternity test, Michelle too wants hers redone. Her mom & grandma needs assistance for her. She has been ill, stopped school and no 5th birthday Nov 19. I will launch a fundraiser for her.” She said.

“The mother of Davido’s  alleged 1st daughter Ayotomide Labinjo wants a new paternity test. The child’s grandmother wants it private as compared to Davido and his crew who came just for him to deposit DNA. Father and grandfather both paying for test and all the ruckus” She continued.

Followers are saying the child looks like Davido’s daughter, Imade.” … I thought I was the only one who saw the resemblance. She looks so much like imade” one fan said,and to prove it, Kemi shows photos of the child and Imade side by side.
‘Careful with your choice of words. Davido will more than slaughter his career when you don’t take care of your responsibility. Children are not games. Go read about Speaker Paul Ryan’s life on what happens when your mom is left single with no child support.’ Kemi said.
She also said she raising funds for the girl’s birthday,” #LIVE On Facebook tonight @hnnafrica 9pm I’m doing a #LIVE fundraiser for Michelle Anuoluwapo Adeleke. This is her birthday fundraiser so she can get to the doctor this week as she’s very SICK and she can have a great 5th birthday. This was her 4th birthday last year 11/19/17.”

Adds that the alleged babymama will issue a statement soon.
See the full statement
“#HNNAfricaPR Ayotomide Labinjo’s daughter turns 5yo on November 19th 2018 two days shy of her alleged dad’s birthday. Labinjo states that Davido has cheated her of benefits for their daughter, believes that a paternity test previously done was ALTERED. She is asking for an independent one. This is Miss M. Anuoluwapo Adeleke, Davido’s alleged FIRST daughter before Imade and Veronica in the last collage. Labinjo does not want media people to keep calling her daughter “alleged”. She had a brief relationship with Davido when he was an upcoming music star and they consented. Miss Michelle Anuoluwapo Adeleke, Davido’s alleged FIRST daughter has stopped going to school. Her grandmother mother wept on the phone to me saying she and her daughter could not afford to pay her school fees and she’s homeschooled. Davido has constantly rejected requests to support the child and has never denied a sexual relationship with the mother. According to Davido’s daughter’s grandmother, Mrs Ropo Labinjo, the paternity test results were likely ALTERED. Both mom and grandmother say the doctor was paid heavily by Davido even after Grandfather Deji Adeleke was seen paying the DNA test lab fee so it looked like a bribe to distort the results. The child is currently sick and under doctor care with bills mounting as of today November 5th 2018. The grandmother Mrs Ropo Labinjo is the wife of the late great Professor Labinjo. We plan an online fundraiser for her all week. Contact us at hnnafricanews@live.com for interviews and enquiries”

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