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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Employee Rants On Twitter About Low Pay, Gets Exposed And Fired By Boss

A Twitter user Toby Adedipe , a software developer for the Health Startup based in Surulere, Doctoora was apparently fed up with his employers and took to Twitter to share his experiences working on three products, alone yet paid 30k even when the startup was making money.

Toby Adedipe, who has now deleted the tweets and taken down his twitter account, shared screenshots of his conversations with his employer, lamenting the poor pay and conditions in the startup and how he was given heavy works yet poor pay and sort advise to quit.
But things took a weird turn after his boss got a hold of his tweets and clearified’ the issues. Stating Toby wasn’t qualified and lied about his skills. He didn’t deliver projects and was always late to work.
He wrote, “You willingly accepted job at a start-up for your nysc year. Lied about your competency. Agreed to work on 3 projects and didn’t deliver one. Waltz in to work close at 11am. Left because you couldn’t deliver. Sabotaged a company’s growth and you still come to rant on twitter”.
Others have joined in on the debate. So should startup pay peanuts because they are Startups, given Nigerian companies don’t give stocks.

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