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Monday, January 28, 2019

Banky W gets it really hot from angry Nigerians ''You know nothing about politics''

You know nothing about politics รข€“ Nigerians blast Banky W
Singer, former record label owner and now House of Reps candidate, Bankole Wellington famously known as Banky W has been the butt of jokes and insults on Twitter since Saturday night.
The insults began to roll in after Banky W shared his perspective on the sack of CJN Walter Onnoghen by President Buhari, then the situation escalated after a lady on Twitter accused him of receiving N57 million bribe from Buhari, a claim which he vehemently denied with a threat to sue his accuser.
See how Nigerians have reacted to Banky W so far:
See how Davido is speaking up? Falz too? But Banky W wants us to vote him into power for being the cool kid.

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Banky W is so naive politically.
He knows nothing whatsoever about politics, and each attempt at having a political opinion has seen him sounding ridiculous .
Maybe his only motivation is if Desmond Elliot can do it, I too can.

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Banky W wants to be a Rep but can’t take criticism...

Baba blocked me for calling him out...

Someone that wants to lead but cannot follow.. Too full of himself

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Banky W, with e head like Nivea roll-on, is talking nonsense too

well the idiot supported occupy Nigeria and Buhari in 2014

so im not surprised

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Banky W is not capable.....only thing he’s capable of is marrying Adesua. Dude should just forget politics for now and focus on his music and matrimonial home.

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However, a few others believe the treatment the singer gets on social media is needlessly harsh considering he is only attempting to do better by participating in politics.
Read their opinion:
But what has Banky W done to warrant such insult from an inbecile with 200 followers? This social media is a blessing and a curse fam! And with the way and mannner so many users are rude and uncultured on this app, it’s becoming more of the latter in Nigeria ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

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Young Nigerians insulting Banky W for having his own opinion. They are the ones who say they are tired of voting for old people in politics but don't encourage younger ones to run for office.This is why I only tweet football and oddities.Even motivation, you will not get from me.

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The young people Banky W claims he will be fighting for & representing insulted his generations to heaven & back today for daring to have an opinion different from theirs. It is so amusing.

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We need people like Banky W. The young man is genuine and really wants to take action. Now, he gave his opinion in a raging debate but forgot that he is a candidate for election. That was naive. Even veterans avoid certain topics. He will learn. I fully endorse his ambition.

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