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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

“Being A Housewife Is Every Woman‘s Dream” – E-money’s Wife

“Being A Housewife Is Every Woman‘s Dream” – E-money’s WifeFive Star music boss, E-Money’s wife, Juliet Okonkwo, has spoken about her marriage, career and more in a new revealed he has never cheated on her.
The mother of 3 who spoke to Nicson Africa revealed her husband has never cheated on her, she also said being a housewife is every woman’s dream.
Read excerpts from the interview below…
Tell us about yourself
My Names are JULIET ADAKU ONYINYECHI OGECHI OKONKWO NEE UZONDU �. I’m a quiet, a bit shy person. I’m principled. Patient and kind hearted. I can accommodate everybody’s but shuts you out when you take me for granted
What do you do now?
I’m a Managing Director in Emy Cargo group of companies
Upon being married to Emoney you still work why?
It’s necessary. A woman needs to be busy and industrious
Where did you meet Emoney for the first time ?
I met him during Julius Agwu ‘s video shoot in Surulere.
You meet him broke ?
Yes . Then he was a young struggling guy with so much potentials
One good thing we don’t know about Emoney ?
You all know he is a kind hearted man. He hates to quarrel with people or to repay evil with evil. He is a comedian �
We know your British, but what inspired you to marry a boy from Ajegunle?
I was adopted by my British Aunt when l lost my parents , l saw An Ajegunle hardworking and handsome boy and l fell in love with him. I was inspired by his good heart
What is your take on dropping out from school to pursue career or dreams.
We are all destined to do different things. There are Doctors, Engineers and Bankers. Likewise traders . Whatever you are destined to be , you cannot revert it but just needs to be outstanding in your chosen career. In as much as education it’s important, our destiny or dreams differs
What is your opinion on being a house wife ?
It’s lovely. It’s every woman ‘s dream no matter how you see it
What is your biggest mistake ever?
Not working hard to become a medical doctor
The rate of Divorce or marriage crisis has gone up so so high. we will love lots of married women to learn from you because, You have done so well as a wife and as a mother, how were you able to achieve this success?
Marriage it’s not easy. It’s not a bed of roses likewise it’s not a torn of flesh. We shouldn’t compare our spouse to any other family. We should always support them no matter the situation then our marriage will be rosy
How do you keep Oga Emoney away from female admirers ?
I don’t keep him away from female admirers. I understand it’s not easy for him, we talk about it and make jokes out of some of the attentions he gets from women. I love him and understands him.
This saying all men must cheat has been alot of problem in our society today.
You marrying a very handsome, rich young man we know the challenges that comes with it so
Has Oga Emoney ever cheated on you ??
He has not cheated on me, we are not just married but we are close friends. We talk about anything that will bring insecurity into our family .
What is your advice to married women that get cheated by their husband.
It’s not easy to forgive and forget but we need to when our spouse cheats on us. We need to always pray for them at all times
What do you have to say about 5 star music Saga, concerning Harrysong, Soso and xbusta ungrateful exit?
No comment.

All l have to say it’s in life” Don’t bite the finger that fed you”

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