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Thursday, January 17, 2019

See 6 Tricks That Can Make Your Perfume Last Longer On You

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You wear your favourite fragrance in the morning and less than an hour later the scent is gone and you’re wondering whether it is a fake or a cheap perfume. Knowing the tricks to employ could help keep the scent for longer.

Add to your clothes
While the perfume on your skin might fade too fast, it could last long enough to overstay its welcome on clothes. You could always do a little on clothes, but it’s hard to wash off actually if the perfume is strong. You can add a little to a scarf or a shirt you don’t wear much if you want maximum impact all day.

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Apply to your pulse points
When adding a spray, stick to pulse points like your wrists, neck, and behind your knees. They radiate a little more heat, and they’re a nice spot to bounce around the smell a bit.
Start with unscented lotion
Lotion acts as a bind to help the perfume stick to your skin, so rub a bit in to the spot you’ll be applying the fragrance. Your skin is not necessarily the best clinger for perfume. Skin is kind of oily and doesn’t absorb. Choose an unscented moisturizer to keep from combining smells, giving all the attention to your perfume.

Opt for a strong base note
Different scents have different lifespans. Citruses have the tendency to fade the fastest because their molecules are so light, while floral and spices will take longer to leave. Scents that stick around longest are the ones commonly used as base notes, like vanilla, musk, and wood.
Layer scents strategically
Do you want a citrus-based perfume, but don’t want to be stuck reapplying it all day? Layer it with another fragrance with a strong base to extend the life of your scent. You can combine those to make it last longer.

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Let your hair down
Your hair holds a scent better than your skin does. If you have a long or medium cut, spritz your perfume onto the ends of your tresses. It is a waft nicer on the ends because the hair moves a little there.

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