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Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Senate President Dino Melaye!!
Senator Dino Daniel Melaye is an underdog in the battle for the leadership of the ninth Senate. Underdogs have often come out triumphant in politics. Dino Melaye could be called. a cat with nine lives because of his many battles. The leadership of the ninth National Assembly will probably be produced in contrast to the dictates of the establishment just as we had in 2015.
The president, as usual, has shown indifference in the choice of the leadership of the Senate. This will make it possible for the incumbent president of the senate senator Bukola Saraki to instal his most loyal ally in the National Assembly as his successor.
We all know that politics is a game of wit and power and it is about who gets what, when, and how. Politics is all about interest and there are no permanent friends or enemies but permanent interest.
The leadership of the ninth National Assembly is of importance for most obvious reasons. The Senate is statutorily responsible for oversight of the government. The president that wants to perform should not be neutral in the choice of the leadership of the National Assembly.
The big masquerade senator Bukola Saraki was given an unprecedented defeat at the National Assembly poll. This, of course, will not be the beginning of the end for his political journey. Dr Saraki is a political strategist and he will not fold his arms in the choice of the leadership of the ninth National Assembly. He will, of course, clear the way for a candidate of his choice and who could it possibly be other than the controversial one ‘senator Dino Daniel Melaye ‘
Why Dino Melaye? Going by Melaye’s biography, he was born in Kano state in 1975. He is an alumnus of Ahmadu Bello University, where he graduated from in the year 2000 having studied geography in the university.

Dino Melaye is not alien to agitation and protest state leadership. He led NAN national association of Nigerian students in his days at Ahmadu Bello University. He later became the general secretary of African Youth Council.
These are empirical evidence of his comradeship. Dino is a dogged fighter and an advocate of democratic ethos, ethics, and ideals. In recognition of his comradeship, he was appointed by President Olusegun Obasanjo as the chairman of the presidential advisory council on youths.
Senator Dino Melaye is fondly called the controversial senator as a result of the many controversies championed by him as a member of the Senate at the eight Assembly. He prevailed in all his political travails. The sponsored recall by the logo state governor against him also failed.
The race for the leadership of the ninth National Assembly has begun and we look forward to the intrigues.
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