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Monday, March 30, 2020

Ladies!!! A Must Factor To Consider When Shopping

As days go by in the fashion world, there are very many traditional wears from different cultures that are slowly taking the front seat among the trending clothes nowadays. One of them is the Indian kurti. They have gone from being worn only by Indian women to being a must-have piece in many women’s closets across the globe.
Being an offspring of the traditional Indian kurta, its amazing features have made its charm spread across the world. Among them include; the eye-catching Indian design, it’s flexibility I mean, this outfit is fit for any occasion. You can wear to a date or even rock it as an official wear to work.
With a variety of kurti designs out in the market, you definitely want to have the perfect one. Choosing one that is the most suitable for you can be quite challenging. Well, here are factors that you definitely keep in mind when you are shopping for a kurti.
Can you wear the kurti to any occasion?
Most kurtis are designed specifically for a particular occasion. Whether as a casual dress or for colorful events like weddings. Truth be told, you cannot go ahead and buy several kurtis to wear to various occasions that will be expensive. So you want one that is occasion-friendly.
The key to getting one is opting for a kurti that has simple prints but not too flashy. Going for one that has a solid color with a touch of prints is the best example of an occasional friendly kurti
Is the kurti comfortable? 
Comfort ability is the top most factors that anyone considers when buying an outfit. You want to make a fashion statement but still feel comfortable while doing so. So, what determines the comfort ability of a kurti? Its fabric absolutely does so. Although all fabrics make good kurtis, you want one that is soft on your body meaning that it won’t make your skin itch. The fabric also needs to be breathable such that it does not trap heat especially when the weather is hot.
Does the kurti blend in with your body type?
With any outfit you wear, it has to blend in with your body type, to make you even more stunning. However, we often tend to overlook that aspect when shopping for clothes including kurtis. Wondering which kurti will fit in with your body type? Well, here is a brief guide on which type of kurti goes perfectly with the kind of body shape you have.
1. The apple shape: Women with this body type have an upper side that is their bust and shoulders being more pronounced while their hips and legs being much smaller. So, which type of kurti works wonders on ladies with this body shape? If you are an apple shaped, flashy kurtis are a big no-no. Opt for ones with a toned down pattern like animal prints. Your kurti should not be fitting at all. This is because that will take the attention away from your bust and shoulders. A free flowing cotton kurti designs are the most suitable one.
2. The pear shape: Women with this body type are blessed with a tiny waist and well defined hips. So, fitting kurtis is the way to go. The dress should also have prints that are more focused on the waist downwards, to draw attention to those amazing curves. If you are a pear-shaped, steer clear of v-neck or low cut Kurtis as they will bring your upper side of the body which is not that flattering compared to your lower part.
3. Athletic shape: If you have a naturally small and straight body structure which cans not so noticeable curves, then you have the athletic shaped body type. The go-to kurtis are those ones whose fabrics are heavy-textured like cotton and brocade. This will try and make you look slightly thicker but still retain the amazingly straight body you have. Do not go for fitting kurtis at all, as they will make you look a lot thinner than you actually are. The prints on the kurti of your choice should be well balanced to draw attention to every part of your body. V-neck kurtis are also suitable as they draw attention away from your upper side of the body.
4. Hour-glass shape: We have to admit that this is every woman’s dream body. The well balanced body with a remarkably small waist line, who wouldn’t want that? If this happens to be your body shape, do not be afraid to go all in with prints. From floral patterns, to flashy traditional Indian patterns you can rock them all. Avoid free flowing kurtis at all costs since they will hide those flattering curves. Kurtis with a v-neck are also suitable as they draw attention away from your upper side of body and focus it all on your lower part.
Is the kurti’s fabric long lasting?

Kurtis are here to stay and you want to still be in the fashion game for as long as it lasts, right? One of the things that determine that is the durability of the fabric. How long lasting is your kurtis fabric? Every fabric has its own shares of pros and cons but you want one that will serve for a long time before you find your way back to the store.
The key to finding one is to check the washing instructions on the kurti. If it does not restrict you to one method of washing, then it is with no doubt durable. Never be afraid to feel the fabric with your fingers and even stretch it a little. A long lasting kurti feels a little bit thicker regardless of what kind it is and it is not subject to tear, meaning that if you stretch it doesn’t have signs of tearing.
You may have wanted to have a kurti but you are confused on which one to go ahead and carry to cashier. Well, with this guide you can now comfortably make your decision and add a touch of Indian fashion into your wardrobe!

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