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Monday, May 11, 2020

SAMZUGA TREAT: Bishop Sam Zuga set to launch another App for testing of Covid19 status

Bishop Sam Zuga set to launch another App for personal testing of Covid19 status called SAMZUGA TREAT on 16th May 2020.

Intensifying his efforts to help the government and Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) fight world dreaded COVID-19, Bishop Sam Zuga is set to officially launch his first Corona Virus Solution App, Samzuga Treat.

The creation of the App which is set to be unveiled on Saturday, May 16 would be regarded as a right timing project as the number of cases in Nigeria keeps increasing frightening the masses.

According to philanthropic cleric popularly known as Jehovah’s Field Marshall, Samzuga Treat was born out of the so many uncertainties that surrounds COVID-19 in Nigeria.

Shedding more light on the App and its usage, Bishop Sam Zuga said, “The approach the government and NCDC is taking on the virus is making it complicated. They attached something mysterious about Corona Virus. If they simplify it, we would see that it would just die a natural death.
That’s where Samzuga software and system solutions came in. It is a company that I established when I was in Dubai before I returned to Nigeria. The company was established to solve lots of problems, especially internet solutions.
Recently, the company created an App for COVID-19, called SAMZUGA TREAT. It boasts of credible artificial intelligence that responds promptly to questions concerning your health right there in your phone. Everything that has to do with Corona Virus has been configured in the App. The artificial intelligence would continue asking you questions about the symptoms you are experiencing, until a point where it would ask you to submit. After submitting, few seconds later, your result would pop up. If it tells you are a likely positive to the virus, then what next? Since NCDC officers are hardly reachable via phone calls, the App has a place you can punch to call. At one dial, someone would respond to you immediately.
In the system, we have professional medical practitioners; Doctors and Nurses in different states. They are very ready to give you any professional medical advice you need. We are here for people who desperately need health advice or where to run to during this lockdown period. It would also help to know all about Coronavirus all around the world.”

Continuing, the Benue State born Bishop who last week launched the first Mobile communication App in Africa, “SAMZUGA CHAT” maintained that Samzuga Treat is not to fight anybody but to assist the government in combating COVID-19.
“It is from Sam Zuga Foundation known for delivering all types of free services to the people of Nigeria. The Samzuga Treat App is free in order to help government fight Coronavirus.
For now, it is not on Apple Store and Play Store, but from May 16, we would have it on our website and our blogs. Whoever wants, can go and pick the link from the sites, then install on your phone. In 6 weeks time, we are bringing another App that is also health related,” he stated.

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