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Thursday, August 13, 2020

#BBNaija Day 24: Lucy and Erica reconcile, the chore war, a look at Erica’s reign as HoH

#BBNaija Day 24 was amazing. Here are today’s highlights you might have missed; Lucy and Erica reconcile, the chore war, a look at Erica’s reign as HoH, and lots more…

Day 24: A moment to vent

Things are bound to get to you every now and then and it’s best you take a moment to vent about it to a close friend. Lucy did just that!

The overwhelming feeling of not being appreciated by the rest of the Lockdown Geng and not being particularly pleased with their approach to cleanliness in the House put Lucy in a state of despair and she chose to rant to a trusted friend.

Feeling unappreciated

With the Wager Task drawing close and preparations in progress, Lucy voiced how hurt she felt that the other Housemates didn’t appreciate her contribution to the team. “The worst part is that you are doing stuff and people are not appreciating and it drives me crazy,” she said expressing her frustration to Prince. In his response, Prince told her that she lets her emotions get the best of her and that’s why she’s always on the defence because she feels everybody is out to get her. A notion, Lucy didn’t entirely share because she felt things would have been different if the rest of the Housemates saw eye to eye with her and paid attention to her ideas instead of shutting them down with theirs. Prince felt that reason most people didn’t see eye to eye with her ideas was because of how varied their background and thought processes were. “We all have different points of view, so sometimes, you can’t blame somebody for not seeing what you see,” he further explained to her. He did let her know she wasn’t a bad person or had a crappy attitude if those were the reasons she felt the rest of the Housemates weren’t appreciating her enough.

Watch their discussion here

House Hygiene and defaulters

The conversation between Lucy and Prince soon moved to cleaning the House and how disappointed Lucy was with the rest of the Housemates disposition towards this. She complained about their complacency when it came to cleaning and she was also worried that her frequent complaints meant she might not be the viewers favourite. Prince reassured her that they would love her for who she is, and she should learn to ignore things she can’t change. He stressed that the differences in personality traits of people in the House meant they would do things differently even when it came to House sanitation. He cited how he liked to neatly fold his clothes while Neo takes it a step further by ironing every clothing even his briefs. Prince noted she had a compulsive disorder with seeing things clean and it was time she made peace with the situation. He suggested that she should try not to make these things upset her saying “I want to leave here and have no regrets because every single second we have here counts, so why are you stressing about these things?” He reminded her that if she had to do things in the House, she should do it out of the goodness of her heart and not worry about others.

It takes a lot to live with 15 other Housemates and it’s understandable if at some point they have issues with each other, but finding a suitable and amicable approach to solve these issues will go a long way in enabling cohabitation. Hopefully, the Lockdown Housemates find a solution that works.

Day 24: The Oppo game of musical chairs

Nothing beats playing an exciting game of musical chairs, especially when you’re on Lockdown.

Today’s Task had the Lockdown Housemates playing the game of musical chairs, courtesy of Oppo Nigeria.

First, Oppo Nigeria had them kitted fully for the Task ahead and you can always trust your Lockdown Housemates to put their swag into any merchandise and give us some fire looks.

After the Task brief was read by Erica, the Housemates were instructed by Biggie to go into the Arena for the first phase of the Oppo Challenge – the musical chairs game. This first activity in the Arena was played to determine the teammates for the main Oppo Challenge by playing the game of musical chairs.

The quest

As you know, the game of musical chairs is played by walking around chairs to music and when the music is turned off, the players find a chair to sit down on.

All Housemates were required to split into two groups of eight males and eight females in each group. There were seven chairs carefully arranged in the Arena. Once the song started playing, the female group began the game by dancing around the chairs. When the song stopped, the Housemate without a chair automatically became number one and was required to sit on the bench.

Again, the music then played and the remaining seven Housemates danced around the chairs until the music stopped. The Housemate still standing became number two and sat on the bench. This went on until all the Housemates in group one had their numbers. Once group one was done, the seven chairs were reset to the original position and it was the turn of the male group to play. Then this went on until all members of the group had a number.

Let’s dance, shall we?

As soon as the music started playing, the Lockdown ladies started dancing, while some were practically dragging their feet to align their bodies with the chairs. Cheater alert! Starting with Lucy, the ladies all dropped one by one out of the game and the chairs kept reducing in numbers. Then was Wathoni, Kaisha and the rest, until it was left with Vee and Nengi to go butt-to-butt in this game. Nengi came out victorious in this round.

As for the guys, let’s just say they were having fun with the Task and it was funny seeing Ozo and Neo fight for the chair to enable them play and end up being paired with their preferred partners. As luck (or not) would have it, cupid turned it’s arrow the other way around and Neo ended up winning this round which would make him automatically paired with Nengi, while Ozo with Vee. Or maybe not…

Our VAR caught some of the Housemates cheating intentionally just to make sure their numbers matched that of their resident baes. We see you Tolanibaj/Prince and Erica/Kiddwaya. Or should we just agree that it was a coincidence? Lol. Let’s see how Biggie judges this.

Day 24: Winning in silence

The Big Brother Housemates played Charades and silently won big thanks to their play and Oppo.

One of the hardest things todo in life is to get your message across without using your words. The Big Brother Naija Housemates had to struggle with this idea as Oppo handed them a Charades Task this afternoon that tested this very idea. The first part of the Task was musical chairs to help divide the Housemates into 8 teams, each with man and a woman. Once that hilarious activity was completed, they could get ready for the next part of the Task.

After the reigning Head of House read out the explanation, The Housemates got introduced to an old Big Brother Naija alumni, Tacha, to take them through the features of Oppo phone they would have to be describing.

The Housemates played two rounds of Charades before that portion of the game was done. When it came down to play the game, there were many hits and many misses, but the efforts of the players made the whole game a joy to watch.

Due to the nature of the game of Charades, you can often be so close to the right answer and yet so far at. Laycon and Vee felt this as they got the answer early and only realised when it was too late. Kiddwaya and Dorathy had mixed fortunes and went from great in one round to not in the next.

When it came time to adjudicate on how the teams played, Biggie announced the following scores:

Team 1 Neo and Lucy: 20
Team 2 Ozo and Wathoni : 0
Team 3 Kaisha and Prince: 0
Team 4 Kiddwaya and Dorathy: 20
Team 5 Erica and Praise: 35
Team 6 Tolanibaj and Brighto: 0
Team 7 Vee and Laycon: 15
Team 8 Nengi and Trikytee: 0

This time around the winning sensation was enjoyed by Team 5. Even though the other Teams didn’t win, they surely had fun playing the game and taking pictures. If every Task was handled with this much energy and interest as this one, the Big Brother Housemates would always feel like winners no matter what they scored.

Day 24: Looking at Erica’s HoH reign
Over the past couple of days, Erica has been leading the Lockdown House and we took to the streets of Twitter to analyze her leadership style in the House.

The minute she was announced as this week’s Head of House, Erica’s throne was backed with the support and cheers of the rest of the Lockdown Housemates. With a new role such as HoH, comes many varied responsibilities, but the moment you’re announced as Head of House, what comes to your mind is the Immunity and escape from the cold hands of Eviction. Knowing the calm, ever-smiling Erica, do you think she feels cut out for the wahala that comes with governing the Lockdown Housemates? With the support of her boo a.k.a Deputy Head of House, we have no doubt that this reign will be a smooth and fun one, with sprinkles of vibes and cruise.

Words from the Housemates

While her reign has been a smooth one so far, we can’t unlook the fights and tension featured in this regime. On one hand, we reckon the Housemates may have underestimated her supremacy because of her ability to get along with everyone, it may seem as though there has been a bit of tension in the House following a few altercations between the Head of House and other Housemates.

For instance, last night, Lucy said to Kiddwaya that Erica is the head and Kiddwaya is the neck “…and if you say the head doesn’t turn, it doesn’t turn,” she added. Erica took the opportunity to ask Lucy what she meant by that statement and this is where the disagreement began. They had a little argument and it was the first time she surprised us with that side of her. To be fair, Lucy had it coming and so one would not blame Erica for the outburst.

Upon seeing her reaction, some of you thought it was the HoH crown that gave her a new attitude in the House

Earlier today, there was a small misunderstanding with Brighto. When it was time for Wager rehearsals, Brighto got up from his bed that minute to take his bath. Erica went to have a chat with him and apparently, it didn’t end well, because next thing we saw was Erica shouting and telling Director Trikytee to take Brighto off the drama. As expected, this caused a sour reaction from some of the Housemates. “That’s not fair, no matter what he did, Brighto didn’t deserve that treatment,” Wathoni said. “Brighto was the last person to take his bath, so naturally, he was still laying in bed and he already apologized,” Praise told whoever cared to listen. “Why is it that she only calls for rehearsals when she has slept and woken up; only when she’s ready. So what happens to our own convenience?” he added. This rhetorical question was met with silence.

Minutes later, Praise brought this issue up with Erica and reminded her that her relationship with the House was dependent on this week’s Wager win. “If they don’t want to win, they should get ready to eat Indomie then,” Erica told him. It was until she called the House together and explained that Brighto was not respectful of the time of the others and she had already gone to speak to him about it, that we knew what the tension was about.

To end this, Erica settled the issue by asking Brighto to apologize to the House. Don’t forget that after her outburst last night, she apologized to Lucy and made up. A queen that knows how to make peace? We love to see it! Here’s how you reacted to that

How about we see what you think about her reign so far…

Some of you think she is now just revealing her true colors

However, some of you think she has been a great leader so far

How about we take a look at what Twitter has to say about this current Head of House reign and the previous one, knowing fully well that they both never had any dispute until power was handed over to them.

The Lockdown Housemates are a handful and having a leader with an edge of iron hands could be what will lead them to sit up and slay their Tasks. Take for instance in Ozo’s HoH regime, it wasn’t until the episode with Prince before they knew to take him seriously in the House and this led to their first Wager win and many other wins last week. So do you think the same applies in Erica’s Head of House rule? Let’s see if this new face of Erica with the iron throne will bag the House a win this week. Fingers crossed.

Day 24: The chore war
At this rate, the Lockdown Housemates need to take courses on how to stop fighting about House duties and get the cleaning done. So, who’s going to teach them? Experts only, please!

The issue of bickering over House chores is almost a constant morning routine for the Lockdown Housemates. So, this is it: wake up, workout, then argue about cleaning and other House duties. What makes it worse is the loud voices that are always the ringtone in such chore wars – yes, we’re talking to you Lucy and Praise.

For people that spend most of their Lockdown time cooking and eating, one would think they’ll maintain the same energy in cleaning the House; but with these Housemates, it seems anything outside of eating, partying and eating some more isn’t embraced.

This morning, Praise and Lucy had a little argument or should we say shouting conquest in the kitchen over cleaning duties. While Lucy maintained that the House hadn’t been mopped in days, Praise kept defending himself saying it’ll be done. At that moment, he was just trying to get his breakfast ready, so cleaning can come later. Belle must chop first now abi?

A major chore war was featured when Lucy was the Lockdown Head of House. Lucy was stern with her cleaning rules and maintained that the Housemates clean every morning immediately after their workout sessions. However, some Housemates didn’t agree with her, because why spoil their morning sleep right? Anyway, to her advantage, wearing the HoH crown that week meant that the House respected the head wearing the crown and followed it’s rules. It’s safe to say her rules helped keep up with the cleaning duties in the Lockdown House, but how well will they be able to maintain it, seeing that a fight is always featured once it’s cleaning o’clock?

Boo of the Booless?

While getting breakfast ready and still arguing about cleaning duties, Neo, Brighto, Praise and Kiddwaya had a brief chat. While Kiddwaya was playfully accusing Praise of not including him in his breakfast plans anymore, Praise told Kiddwaya, “…but that was when you were single, now you make breakfast for two.”

The other guys then chorused, “Booless gang” and Neo joined in the chant. Can someone call Vee please?

So Lockdown Housemates, when do we end this vicious cleaning and House chores cycle?

Day 24: Hard work, some work, or no work

When it come time to gym in the Big Brother House, there are three distinct schools of thought.

When it comes to working out in the Big Brother Naija House, there is no option but to do it. When it comes to discussing exactly what counts as getting your sweat on, three different philosophies emerge.

Hard work

If you are looking to get the results from your daily gym session then this school of thought is relevant. The Housemates who practiced this today were Neo, Ozo, Erica, Prince, Kiddwaya and Vee. This morning they engaged themselves in their activities completely. Neo took time to lead Ozo and Erica in a core work session that must have done wonders for Erica’s stress release after she argued with Lucy the last night. Also sweating hard was Prince and Praise who chose to make incline push-ups a part of their day and earned heaps of sweat in the process.

Some work

This form of exercise isn’t as intensive as hard work but it will still yield results. A great example of this was Wathoni who used her gym time to walk laps at a steady pace. Another Housemate working at a steady pace was Lucy, but as usual, it was her words that were doing the majority of the work. She encouraged Prince and Praise as they did their incline push-ups. It was nice to hear her be positive but was it prompted by last night’s fight? Did the experience teach her to be more focused on encouraging words?

Also in the slow and easy group was Kaisha who did a belly dance in the mirror. The verdict is out if this counts as a workout, but the look of confusion it gave Prince would give anyone a great core tightening laugh. Another Housemate who turned workout time into dance time was Tolanibaj, and she seemed to enjoy the activity nearly as much as Kaisha. Also enjoying a relaxed time was Vee who spent the majority of her time wrapped in a blanket sitting against the wall with Brighto and Laycon. Her relaxation was broken up by Neo who used her as a weight while doing squats. Sometimes ‘ship goals and gym goals can be the same thing.

No Work

This is the school of thought where not doing anything work out related will help the Housemate avoid sweating completely. A believer in this method was Brighto who looked as if he greatly missed his bed during the workout. Another member of the do-nothing squad was Laycon who used the time make sure he was still an expert at sitting down. He is. Another follower of this idea was Dorathy who used her work out to sit on a ball and bounce, perhaps her desire to work out is still recovering from her tiff with Vee yesterday.

Whether they are doing everything, something, or nothing, the Big Brother Naija Housemates always make work time out a joy to watch.

Day 24: Lucy and Erica fight and make up
Lucy and Erica get into an argument but make up later.

Last night was a great night for the Housemates, mostly. After their Tasks were done and they got ready for the evening, catching up with each other and playing games, as well as making small talk. Two clashes that startled the Housemates, however: One was between Vee and Dorathy, while the other was between Lucy and Erica.

Where it all began

The latter started with a comment where Lucy said to Kiddwaya that Erica is the head and Kiddwaya is the neck ‘and if you say the head doesn’t turn, it doesn’t turn’. Erica took the opportunity to ask Lucy what she meant by that statement and this is where the disagreement began. When Lucy tried to get Kiddwaya involved, Erica quickly told Kiddwaya ‘I called her, I didn’t talk to you guys’ and continued to ask Lucy again, what she meant by that statement, to which Lucy responded she didn’t mean anything.

I don’t believe you

This was enough to trigger Erica who moved away from Lucy telling her ‘It better remain that way because you’ve had enough issues with me’.

Lucy responded, ‘We’ve never had issues before.’ Erica replied, ‘Well you had issues with me today and you better thank God that I’m not in the mood to reply you’ at the same time Lucy told her, ‘You don’t know what issues are because if you call today’s one’s issues, then I don’t know.’

Erica retorted that Lucy has issues with every single person in the House, adding that Lucy had better check the way she talks because she should not continue talking to Erica anyhow. Erica continued, asking if this was the first time and if Lucy was acting this way because Erica herself had been keeping quiet.

Lucy continued to try and ask Kiddwaya to intervene, to which Kiddwaya responded he would talk to her. This continued to anger Erica, who kept asking why Lucy needed Kiddwaya to speak for her, saying that Lucy should speak for herself.

Lucy’s reaction

Lucy took the opportunity to talk to Praise outside on the hammock, telling him that when she feels misunderstood, she will give people space and she believed that the relationship would be fine. She also mentioned that she felt peoples consciences made them feel somehow.

Erica has had the best week

While Kiddwaya was consoling Erica in the HOH room, he told Erica that they were having one of the best weeks so far because Erica is the Head of House and he is her deputy. Her told Erica that she shouldn’t let a quarrel with Lucy get in the way of that. He further said that the quarrel might be part of Lucy’s plan to get into a shouting contest so it could look somehow. He reminded Erica that she is a winner and that she should take the opportunity of having her own space to come and relax in the HoH room.

We fight, but we make up

The point of reckoning came towards the end of the evening when Erica extended an olive branch to Lucy, coming and hugging her from behind as they were preparing for the Thursday Task. Lucy quickly took the opportunity to tell Erica that she was joking and she did not mean it seriously, to which Erica responded: “I am sorry, I was angry.”

It seems all is well again, after all.

News Source – Africa Magic

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