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Friday, August 14, 2020

#BBNaija Day 25: the fashion parade, table tennis champs, Wathoni discusses her spec, and lots more

#BBNaija Day 25

 #BBNaija Day 25 has come and gone and here are today’s highlights – the fashion parade, the table tennis champs, Wathoni discusses her spec, and lots more…

#BBNaija Day 25

Day 25: Housemate Fashion

When it comes to fashion in the House, most of the Housemates serve looks – regularly.

Day 25: What did you study?

Wathoni, Laycon, Ozo, Neo and Kiddwaya talk about what they studied and it turns out Kiddwaya and Ozo both studies business related degrees.

Day 25: The table tennis champs

The guys love a good game of table tennis, today Brighto took the cup, but who is the real champion of the House?

Day 25: It’s lonely at the top

Kiddwaya and Erica are the first HoH and DHoH who keep coming back to the bedroom to hang out with the others. Ozo and Nengi catch up with yet another late night meal while Tolanibaj and Prince talk about PDA.

Day 25: What’s Wathoni’s spec?

Wathoni dispels any confusion by telling Brighto and Tolanibaj that her spec is actually Neo- she likes dark, funny and smart guys.

Day 25: Dishing in the diary
What do the Housemates have to say to Biggie today?

Today Biggie had another Diary session with the Housemates to find out how they are feeling and of course how they are doing with the preparations for the Task tonight. Biggie had a different range of questions this afternoon, that drew different reactions from the Housemates.

Let’s take a look at the responses from some of the Housemates, starting with the two on top this week.

The Head Team

Erica told Biggie that she was feeling a little anxious about tonight’s Task despite the Housemates doing a lot to prepare. She felt that she had to show people that she was tough in the beginning, but is finally finding her own rhythm now and is enjoying her experience as HoH. When Biggie asked her who she would like to greet, she mentioned her best friend and her mother whom she misses very much. She added that she hoped to Win the grand prize so she could spoil her mom when she comes out of the House. Erica wanted to be able to pick her own music in the House, mentioning that she likes all types of House and electronic dance music. Lastly, Erica asked Biggie if the House could have access to the jacuzzi.

#BBNaija Day 25

Kiddwaya reported that this week has been the best in the House so far. He spoke to Biggie in high spirits, singing Erica’s praises. Kiddwaya thinks that Erica feels she needs to exert her authority because she is female and quiet, but says he is doing his best to assist her because he is ‘just but a humble servant’ and she already has what it takes. When asked if he wanted to send a message to anyone, Kidd was passionate and loving as usual as he extended his love to two of his favourite girls, Lenek and DJ Cuppy. As expected, all Kiddwaya wants from outside is his resistance bands, a skipping rope and some weights.

Power to the mamas

So many of our Housemates are thinking about their moms it seems. Biggie managed to bring forth some tears and reminiscent faces from almost everyone with his one important question: If you could send a message to two people, who would you send it to and what would you say?

After Erica’s message to her more, Kaisha was next to express how much she misses her mother as well as her brothers. She told Biggie that she knew her mother was praying for her, and she wanted her mother to keep praying for her. She added that she missed her brothers and though she had missed their birthdays she remembered and just hadn’t had the chance to send her fond wishes. Kaisha was the only one who did not want anything from outside, just yet.

Mamas boys

Brighto was in good spirits this afternoon and when asked the same question by Biggie, he said he would definitely send a message to his mother and thank her for all the prayers and the support. He added that he would also send a message to his sister and that he loves both of them very much.

Ozo was generally low after his ongoing altercation with Dorathy continued to today which he told Biggie about. Never the less, when Biggie asked him about his shoutouts, his face lit up as he spoke about his mother. He clearly thinks a lot of her as he told Biggie that his mom is partially responsible for the man he is today. He described her as hard-working and dedicated, and also the strongest woman he has ever met. He added that should he become involved in a relationship with someone like her, he would be the luckiest person in the world. Ozo also spoke very fondly of his youngest sister who he said was ‘the love of [his] life’ and one of the best things that ever happened to him, describing their connection to Biggie at length with a very fond smile on his face that could warm any heart.

Neo did not have to think long on who to send a message to. He told Biggie that he definitely wanted to tell his mother that he misses her so much and asked that she keep praying for him. Secondly, and uniquely, Neo wanted to send a message to his whole community, relaying that he is very proud of his community and he loves and is very proud of them. He added passionately that he missees the whole crew.

The crew

Speaking of crews, Tolanibaj cried instantly when Biggies asked her the question, saying that she wanted to send a message to her sisters and her friends. She wanted to tell her sisters that everything will be ok and hoped that she was making them all proud. To her homies who would be represented by her boy Jason, her message was ‘Geng-geng’ and also that she hoped she was making them proud. When Biggie asked what she would want from outside, she asked for a facetime with her sisters and some encouraging words from her fans outside.

Daddy’s girl

Wathoni also shed a few tears at Biggie’s question, telling Biggie that she would send messages to her dad and her cousin Joy. She knows that her dad is not surprised by the way she has been in the House thus far because she has been herself. She wanted to thank her dad for all his support of her mom and her son. She added that she missed their arguments and loved him very much. Wathoni told Biggie that her cousin Joy was always supportive of her, and she loved and missed her a lot. When asked by Biggie what she would want, Wathoni said she misses her sons voice- especially when he calls her ‘Mummy’.

For sure it cannot be easy for the Housemates who have been away from their families for 7 weeks now, 4 of which have been spent in the House, and with your help, they have lasted this long. We stay watching as they stay pushing.

Day 25: What’s your favourite 9ja song?
We asked what your favourite songs are, and you came through!

When it comes to 9ja music we know that we produce banger after banger, after banger. How can we not? Music is a huge part of life. Not a day goes by without some fine tunes playing through the House, and we know that a song hits the spot when the Housemates stop everything to get their groove on. We have loved seeing them break it down and there is no denying there are some very good dancers in their midst.

The makings of a great playlist

We asked you, our valued viewers to send us your favourite songs and you came through with a power list that we have compiled here as we get ready to watch the Housemates prepare for the upcoming wager.

Responses poured in from all over the continent as fans of both Big Brother and Nigerian music weighed in with their favourite bangers. We can see some definite chart-toppers, mostly the likes of Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Mr. Eazi, Tiwa Savage, Oxlade, Fireboy and Falz– to name but a few.

A quick shoutout

First up we must make a special mention of the one and only Laycon who featured as a favourite for many of you. Laycon has shown off a few of his musical talents in the House, not to mention the way the Housemates went crazy when DJ Consequence played his song in the House for one of their Saturday Night Parties.

On the topic of Saturday Night Party, we have had our fair share of hitmakers grace the floor for the Housemates weekly and to say they kill it every time is an understatement. We know the Housemates definitely work up a sweat as they break it down every weekend.

A playlist for you

So, as we wait for tonight’s win or lose, here are some of your favourite tracks in a playlist in absolutely no order at all:

Fierce – Laycon
Nobody – Joeboy, Mr Eazi and DJ Neptune
Away – Oxlade
Originality – Faze
Like I do – Fireboy
Hip hop – Laycon
Ojuelegba – WizKid
Ada- DJ ECool featuring Davido
Again – Wande Coal
Joro – WizKid
Know you – Ladipoe featuring Simi
Geng- Mayorkun
MJ – Bad Boy Timz
Again – Wande Coal
Monalisa – Lyta

Day 25: All about the core
The Housemates went in, serving core workouts to envy!

We have grown accustomed to the morning workout routines where the Housemates switch it up and work on their fitness. From the different crews who work the floor for their cores to the crews that dance their way through time. From those who come through for a morning chat and a catch up to those who sit quietly on the sidelines, the Housemates wake up every day knowing that the very first task is to work out.

Couple Goals

Though many were on the mats this morning, we could not help but notice that Prince and Tolanibaj were on their own steez, working on their own fitness. The two were seen running around the arena for their warm-up before they hit the mats to work their core fitness. We all know the core needs to be stable for the rest of the body to be stable, and perhaps this is the metaphor for the ship as it may be picking up steam. We checked what you had to say:

Elite core work

Ozo, Neo and Lucy on the floor doing core workouts switching it up between flutter kicks and bicycle kicks. The trio did really well for themselves, Lucy however gave up slightly earlier than the other two opting to help them to finish up their workouts. As Ozo and Neo completed their sit-ups, she stood at their feet holding up her hands so they could punch as they came up. You can still be a good teammate even when you are not participating in the same way.

Premium Core fitness

Praise led fellow Housemates Trikytee and Brighto in more core workouts this morning opting for various plank based workouts as well as variations of the traditional sit-ups. The trio went in right next to Tolanibaj and Prince, working at their own pace and keeping rhythm together. The three went on until only 5 minutes before the workout time was over before they parted ways to participate in other activities.

A different kind of workout

While the extreme sessions were taking place, others were participating in a softer workout that involved walking and the mind. Vee and Nengi walked around the arena almost the whole time have long conversations. Clearly, though some need to work out hard daily, the two needed a slightly less aggressive approach to their fitness this morning.

Dance crew

What is a workout in the House without the traditional dance session? Today our dance crew was none other than Praise and Kaisha, who shared a brief moment together as they moved from side to side. letting off the last of the endorphins.

Towards the end of the workout session, it was clear that people were tired, even Kiddwaya who usually goes hard to the end was catching up with Trikytee and Laycon waiting for Biggie to tell them to get back into the House.

What could be more romantic than crashing on boo’s shoulder…?

#BBNaija Day 25

News Credit – Africa Magic

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