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Thursday, August 20, 2020

#BBNaija Day – 31: A Memorable Birthday for Vee, Biggie’s New Rules, Task of the day; a Lucy & Praise loading?

BBNaija 2020 Update Day 31: Vee's Memorable Birthday Celebration ...

Praise and Lucy loading?

Praise and Lucy might be on the verge of a romantic alliance in the BBNaija House, but it’s still too early to call.

There’s something brewing between Praise and Lucy and it has definitely caught the attention of many. The two have been extra close in recent times and this afternoon, they spent time huddled up while preparing for the Task. It seems Lucy has found the company she craved for since the Eviction of her close friend – Ka3na. The Eviction of her close friend left her lonely and in need of company and Praise came to the rescue.

Was this what she needed all along?

Seeing Lucy in a tight embrace with Praise raised a few eyebrows and had the internet buzzing with a couple of questions. Questions best explained by first recalling her fight with Nengi where she accused her of always craving male attention in the House. This made the streets of social media question her motive and contemplate if the reason she was really worked up was that she wasn’t getting any attention of her own.

There’s enough room in Biggie’s House to build romantic alliances and if this is what Praise and Lucy have got going on, we are totally here for it. Where it will end, we have no idea, but it will be fun to watch and watch we shall.

How the Housemates keep surprising us

Every day the Big Brother Housemates find new ways to show us they are more multifaceted than we think.

It’s not easy playing the Big Brother game, and showing your hand to fellow Housemates may end up leading to your downfall. Here are a few times that the Housemate’s opened themselves up by sharing things that might influence their chances later on.

Kiddwaya inspiring comradery

As the Housemates time in lockdown continues, there are new issues that arise and how they are dealt with says heaps about the Housemates. The new Head of House, Kiddwaya, tried to get the House to be closer by suggesting that food and eating become a communal activity. His attempt showed that he was serious about bringing the House together even if the result wasn’t as desired.

Prince tips Lucy

It’s not easy counselling someone as it is easy for the advice to be taken the wrong way. This was a risk that Prince took when he spoke to Lucy about her approach and not wanting to participate in Tasks. His opinion could have led to a total fall out between Wathoni and himself, but by taking the risk he fostered a greater understanding between them. The kind of understanding that might one day extend to more important issues like possible future alliances.

Neo goes the extra mile

It’s hard to put yourself out there and give into love completely. Neo showed that his feelings for Vee are deeper than words when he sacrificed his clothes and BB Naira’s to make sure his partner had a gift specifically from him. The look on Vee’s face when she accepted the flowers and cake must have made his sacrifice feel worth it.

1597855336 34 screenshot 2020 08 19 at 09.26.49

Laycon opens up to Tolanibaj

After much drama about his previous interest, Laycon shared with Tolanibaj how he feels about Wathoni. He could have chosen to keep his interest secret, but by sharing he allowed the connection to deepen between them. In a House where everyone is trying not to share private feelings, this act of bravery might lead to Laycon being exposed or cement the honesty between them forever.

Brighto shares his point of view

As someone who keeps his cards close to his chest, Brighto hasn’t been in the habit of sharing his private thoughts with anyone, but after a conversation with Wathoni, he shared how he feels about his closest competition. Letting someone know who you fear, and why, can either go well or open you up for an attack. It’s hard to tell if this is another one of his schemes or a genuine attempt at bonding. Either way, the quiet man spilt some hot tea and we got to enjoy sipping on it.

The Housemates keep finding new ways to surprise us all and if you want to see them, then all you have to do is stay tuned to Big Brother Naija

Hawaii helps the Housemates clean up

The Big Brother Housemates were tasked by Hawaii Soap, and this is how they cleaned up the challenge.

When the Housemates were given the chance to clean up by winning the Hawaii Soap Task, they took it and ran with it. First, the Housemates were given a choice to choose which team they were going to be on by selecting a colour t-shirt from the bag that was being administered by Tolanibaj. At the end when it came time for the Head of House and Deputy to select a team, they both fought to not be on the same team as Lucy. Kiddwaya’s efforts were in vain because when the video played the Housemates had to select teams again, they both ended up in the Gold Team. The final team breakdown was as follows:

1597851438 34 screen shot 2020 08 19 at 16.54.26

Team Papaya: Dorathy, Neo, Ozo, Trikytee and Tolanibaj.
Team Carrot: Praise, Laycon, Prince, Nengi, and Wathoni.
Team Gold: Kiddwaya, Erica, Lucy, Vee and Brighto.

1597851585 34 screen shot 2020 08 19 at 16.55.55 1

All three teams had wonderful efforts and their songs were filled with originality and creative bars about the soap bars. With one challenge done there’s no telling who will clean up as far as Hawaii soap is concerned.

1597851523 34 screen shot 2020 08 19 at 16.55.29

Part one: the one minute song
The Housemates were given one hour to put together a one minute song on the soap variant they represent. This was another chance for those with a musical gift to clean up beautifully like they did yesterday with the Airtel Task.

A memorable birthday for Vee

It was Vee’s birthday in the Big Brother Naija House and Neo pulled out all the stops for her.

Vee was very excited by the fact that it was her birthday today, and we could see it. While she was doing her chores this morning, she and Nengi talked about her birthday. Before she went to bath she spoke about her birthday. When Neo was trying to get to the bathroom before her, she shouted that it as her birthday. How could he forget? Last night we witnessed Neo give up a few items in order to get a gift into the House for Vee.

1597853418 34 screenshot 2020 08 19 at 09.26.13

A special delivery

Neo was called to the storeroom to pick up his special delivery: the flowers he had arranged from Biggie in his Diary Session a few days ago. The flowers fetched quite a heavy price, as he paid a shirt as well as all his remaining BB Naira. Incredible. Neo fetched his flowers taking them directly to the Garden with the help of Kiddwaya. Ozo came outside to check the quality of the merchandise and all three gents seemed pleased before Kiddwaya hid the flowers in the Head of House Lounge.

1597853605 34 screenshot 2020 08 19 at 10.38.42

Just a reminder, it’s my birthday

Once Vee and Neo were done with their morning showers they came to the table to eat where Vee spared no moment to remind Neo that it was her birthday and expecting special treatment for it. She did not know ho special the treatment as about to get. When Neo reminded her that she had had more eggs than him from their plate, she reminded him that it was her birthday. When Neo asked her why she was speaking a certain way, she reminded him that it was her birthday, anything Neo asked or remarked- you guessed right- it was her birthday. At some point, it seemed that Neo was trying to throw Vee off his tail so she would not suspect anything.

1597853747 34 screenshot 2020 08 19 at 12.14.34

The birthday card

Right before  Wager practice, Neo went to check on the flowers one more time, making sure everything was perfect, for some reason he seemed very nervous. Kiddwaya brought the scroll with the message out of the HOH Lounge for Neo to read. He approved and sent it back to be with the flowers- which seemed to be the Houses big secret of the day, as everyone except Vee seemed to know. Next up, Neo sat at the dining room table with Kiddwaya, Trikytee, Ozo and Nengi contemplating what to write in the card. Needless to say, our loverboy found some words and did the honour of signing his boo’s card. After he was done, he made sure that everyone in the House signed the card, taking it personally to everyone.

The plan

Neo recounted to his fellow Housemates how he had to give Biggie something personal and then give up all his BB Naira for the flowers garnering much support from his Housemates. He and Kiddwaya planned how the presentation of the flowers as going to go, with help from Tolanibaj and Praise to make sure that it was all perfect. Friends, a lot went into this day.

1597854693 34 screenshot 2020 08 19 at 13.13.48

Happy birthday!

‘Head of House, how far?’ Asked Vee when she came into the lounge where Praise was trying to get her into a game. She had been told that practice was shortly underway and she needed to come to the lounge and needed to be sure she would not be in trouble for playing while she should be listening. She still did not get it. Praise managed to get Vee into the position they discussed, while Kiddwaya sat on the chair to brief everyone for the Wager. Neo snuck out to get the cake and the flowers and stood behind Vee who surprise her, and when she finally realised she certainly was surprised.

‘You guys are so annoying!’ screamed Vee as she was presented with her cake, her flowers, a card and a lovely birthday rendition ‘Happy Birthday’ from her Housemates.  When they thought she would cry, she exclaimed ‘I don’t cry, I’m a thug’. For her Housemates she had to say ‘I love you guys, you are very important to me’, and to Neo ‘And you Mr Man, I’m so happy you’re here.’

Take a look at her day here:

Today was certainly one for the books for Neo and Vee and we hope to see many more incredible moments such as this in the House as we continue together on our journey to the end of Big Brother season five.

Working it out

The Big Brother Housemates work out every morning, here is today’s rundown.

We are on day 31 of the Housemates stay, with 15 remaining and the stakes getting higher. Though dynamics may change, one thing remains the same, their routine, every weekday morning they convene in the Arena to work out. The Housemates seemed to be out if it today as they did not show their usual upbeat attitude.

1597829265 34 screenshot 2020 08 19 at 08.12.02

The Warmup

The Arena opened up this morning to most of the Housemates warming up with a jog around the floor. The group made up of Trikytee, Laycon, Prince and Ozo, ran countless laps around the Arena. Praise and Lucy walked, arm in arm, talking. After last nights debacle, it seems Lucy still has a lot on her mind. While these Housemates warmed up a few were definitely on the sidelines taking it easy. The usually high-energy Erica sat most of the morning out, wrapped up in a blanket. Vee and Tolanibaj took the same opportunity, sharing a blanket and catching up through the workout session. Wathoni started the session lying on the bench and managed to do this right through the entire session- keeping herself away from everyone.

The focused trainers

From the get-go Kiddwaya and Brighto hit the mats, while the pair talked through the session, they kept in their corner, actively doing pushups and giving themselves intermittent breaks to chat through the day. There seemed to be something on Kiddwaya’s mind, that only he and Brighto will know.

Dorathy picked her corner where she decided on a serious morning workout, including squats and pushups until she worked up a sweat. When she as done she chatted to Lucy who was also tired now and had to sit down while Praise joined thee others on the mats.

1597829323 34 screenshot 2020 08 19 at 08.12.19

Getting into it with floor workouts

Nengi who had been warming up on the stability ball joined Ozo and Neo for a core work out on the mats. The three Challenged and egged each other on through various ab workouts which included situps and side crunches.

Prince, Trikytee and Praise were on the other end of the arena focusing on their upper body workouts- keeping the biceps in shape as they worked on their pushups. Each round was 20 push-ups before they gave themselves a break for a few seconds before they started again. Laycon had since moved to chat to birthday girl Vee and Tolanibaj as they tried to identify the different songs that came on the workout playlist.

The Wind-down

Towards the end of the workout, the Housemates were far from their usual high energy selves. Usually, towards the end of the work out there is a dance or two to wrap up the session, but today the crew literally just stopped what they were doing and walked back to start on their chores.

Love bits and Biggie’s new rules

Even on a quiet night in the Lockdown House, the Housemates kept us glued to our screens with small drama.

The night served us moments that left the viewers with mixed emotions. Before we go into all that happened, who else misses hearing Biggie’s voice? The Housemates spent the day pleading and almost crying for Biggie to talk to them. Lol, Biggie is on vacay. All work and no play…

More on this seemingly complicated friendship

At this rate, we’ll need Biggie to return from his vacation and address Laycon and Erica abeg. These two seemingly care about each other, unfortunately, feelings got in the way and someone got hurt in the process. To protect his sanity, Laycon asked Erica for space so she can focus on her relationship with bae, but as expected in every friendship breakup, Erica doesn’t seem to be taking the space pretty well. “I’m not comfortable with the fact that you’re acting as if I’ve done something evil to you. I’ll like to know why it’s happening and if I should continue to expect this cold attitude,” she said. To which Laycon replied saying, “Do you think I’m doing that consciously? You haven’t done anything to me.”

According to her, she has noticed the cold shoulders Laycon has been giving her recently. She pointed the instance that happened today during the Task prep when she asked Laycon for what the word “meta” means in the Yoruba language; however, Laycon didn’t pay her any mind and ignored her question. She expressed her hurt and pointed out that Ozo even noticed the way Laycon ignored her. Laycon admits that he heard her question but didn’t answer her because he felt she had the answer figured out already.

In her defence, Erica tells Laycon that she wouldn’t have asked him if she knew the answer to the question. She goes ahead to express her surprise seeing that Laycon has decided to get closer to Kiddwaya, meanwhile he keeps being hostile towards her. “Are you doing it on purpose?” she asked him. Laycon then explains himself by telling her that although he knows he’s been cold towards her, he wants her to understand that he’s not being intentional about it.

Friendly advice

After their conversation in Biggie’s kitchen, Laycon spoke to Neo about it, while Erica went to Kiddwaya to narrate how the talk went. We’re not sure if they went to talk to other people about it to get it off their chest or they genuinely need advice on how to move forward in the friendship.

Speaking of giving a piece of friendly advice, Kiddwaya spoke to Erica about the type of ‘nice’ guys she should look out for when she’s ready for a relationship. He began the chat by telling her how much he respects women, hence his reason for always being friendly and appearing as a flirt to others. According to him, women are the strongest beings and should be accorded with respect and love.

Erica cuts him short as she reminded him of his previous relationship and how it didn’t end well, to which Kiddwaya defends himself by saying he wasn’t ready for a serious commitment at that time. He also tells her that it’ll be hard for anyone to be in a serious relationship in the Lockdown House because one has to be focused on the game.

He goes on to talk to Erica about trusting her to make the right decisions when it comes to choosing a man for herself and Erica replied him saying she wants to focus on herself and her career for now. It was no surprise hearing him talk to her about the kind of man to look out for, after all, they’ve both admitted to being special friends 😉

Working towards a Wager win

Biggie took a minute from his vacation to send this week’s Wager Task brief to his guests. For this Task, the Housemates are to present the topic, ‘Love is a language men and women speak differently’. This should be presented as a debate and also as a poetry showcase or poetry slam (spoken word poetry competition). The House has the freedom to decide the exact structure of the debate and poetry showcase, as long as all housemates fully participate in the presentation.

Tell us why this simple instruction caused confusion amongst the Housemates as they all seemed to have different views and interpretations of the Task.

In addition to the Wager brief, Biggie introduced a new rule to the game – all Heads of House and their Deputies must use the bed for the purpose of sleeping. Meaning, all make-believe bed spaces like the couch or floor, must stop henceforth.

How do you think the current Head of House and his Deputy will cope with Biggie’s new rule? How about their resident love interests? We’ll see

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