#BBNaija Day 37: Ozone Vs Kiddrica, housemates talk marriage, reveal why they auditioned for BBNaija and lots more - Hubtainment Nigeria

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

#BBNaija Day 37: Ozone Vs Kiddrica, housemates talk marriage, reveal why they auditioned for BBNaija and lots more

 #BBNaija Day 37

Checkout all the highlights from #BBNaija Day 37: Ozone Vs Kiddrica, housemates talk about marriage, reveal why they auditioned for BBNaija, and lots more.

Day 37: Why are you here?

The Housemates are all here for different reasons. Lucy wants to be in the House so she can create business opportunities as Nengi and Vee talk about riches and opportunities beyond the House.

Day 37: Fit Body for the future (Housemates talk marriage)

The Housemates pushed themselves in the morning workout. As usual there is something underneath the surface as some ponder life in the House. Dorathy might regret her workout choice and the Housemates discuss when and under what circumstances they will marry.

Day 37: Getting through to Lucy

Prince tries to clear the air with Lucy about Tolanibaj and Lucy seems to understand.

Day 37: Taking it easy

The Housemates settle into life after the week that was. A new life with no hot water, easy evenings, a new HOH duo and laughter and story telling after dark.

Day 37: An Indomie Challenge
The Big Brother Lockdown Housemates were tasked with an Indomie Challenge to take the Housemates back to their roots through food.

Today was Indomie day for the Housemates as they were tasked with creating the best noodles they possibly can. The day was absolutely fun for them as they went about the task in high spirits dressed in their personalized Indomie threads.

The teams
The Housemates were to carry out their Task in pairs who were divided as:

Team 1 – Kiddwaya and Wathoni

Team 2 – Erica and Neo

Team 3 – Lucy and Ozo

Team 4 – Tolanibaj and Trickytee

Team 5 – Laycon and Dorathy

Team 6 – Nengi and Prince

Team 7 – Brighto and Vee

Personalized gifts

The first order of the day was receiving personalized goodies from Idnomie which made the Housemates quite excited. The Housemates were required to get dressed in their personalised clothes and await further instructions; which came a short while later when they had to go to the Arena.

Ingredient Hunt

The Housemates gathered around the Arena for part one of their Task, the Ingredient Hunt. The team were given markers which they were to use to tick five ingredients that they would use to make the most delicious noodles. The Housemates were to climb into the big pot in front of them, full of balloons and find the ingredients they wanted to use. They founded what they could and were told they could get their personal pots with their special ingredients. They did this and were told to await further instructions.

Time to cook!

After the Housemates took their naps, it was time for them to start cooking. Each Housemate was to cook their partners food with the special ingredient, present it to them and at the same time, present their own culture. They were to do this in the Arena, dressed to the nines in their traditional attire.

Stay tuned to see who will emerge victorious for cooking ht best food and representing their tribe the best.

Day 37: Reacting to the new reign
The announcement of the new Head of House and Deputy brought about different outcomes in the House and on Twitter.

After Biggie called the Housemates into the Lounge to announce the Head of House’s Deputy choice, some Housemates and viewers had a lot to talk about.

Eviction cripples the Housemates

While discussing with Tolanibaj on Sunday, Prince said, “If at any point I come up in the bottom four, I am going to leave.” Stating his reason why; he said he knew some Housemates didn’t like him and even the ones that liked him would still want to see him leave because they consider him competition in the House. Seeing how well he tried to win in the Head of House Challenge yesterday, Prince felt bad about his performance at the game. He tells Tolanibaj how badly he tried to win this week’s Challenge to enable him to escape the cold hands of possible Eviction and most importantly, dreads leaving his stay in the House in the hands of the Housemates. Tolanibaj gave him a listening ear and cheered him as they cuddled on the hammock.

Some of you are excited to see that the couple have now created an understanding between themselves and are shipping stronger than ever.

Some other Housemates had a defeated mood after losing the Immunity privilege this week

A new duo on the throne

Although not new to the Head of House reign, Ozo and Nengi caused a buzz on Twitter as they were both announced as this week’s Lockdown Head of House and Deputy HoH. While some OzoNe shippers were excited to see their favourite couple bag a big win together this week, the Housemates seem to be comfortable with having Ozo lead them to a possible Wager win, for a second time. In addition, they both picked Vee and Neo as their visiting guests for the week.

Ozone shippers, get in here

Some of you think there’s a difference between this new HoH Lounge residents and the previous couple that graced the room. Do you agree?

Meanwhile, some of you seem to have noticed something new happening in the HoH Lounge

Some of you are expecting another Wager win from Ozo this week

We can’t wait to see how these two will rule the Lockdown House this week. Any predictions?

News Credit – Africa Magic

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