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Thursday, August 27, 2020

#BBNaija Day 38: Singing competition, the party, the meme gods, gist about “ships”, and lots more

#BBNaija Day 38

Check out all highlights from #BBNaija Day 38: the singing competition, the party, the meme gods, gist about “ships”, and lots more. 

Day 38: Making sweet Pepsi music

The Housemates were introduced to their latest Task sponsored by Pepsi and it is a musical one. They started with a puzzle revealing the group names based on famous Naija artists and it looks like this is going to be a magnificent day in Biggie’s House.

Day 38: A Pepsi musical rehearsal
With Pepsi bottles in their hands and stunning shades on, the Lockdown geng got ready to turn up

The Task ahead for today is simply a musical performance Challenge, courtesy of Pepsi Naija. Each of the Housemates were given the opportunity to represent one popular Nigerian music star through the course of the day.

Similar to some of the previous Tasks, they were required to partake in today’s Task in pairs. This means there would be seven teams in total and to determine who their teammates are for today, they had to all participate in a quick game. A box was provided for the House; taking turns, each of the Housemates had to pick one card from the box without looking inside. Housemates who picked identical numbers automatically became teammates for the day.

Puzzling up

Once the teams had been formed, the next Task was to uncover their team names and the artiste that each team would be representing in today’s musical performance Task. For this reveal, seven puzzle stands positioned at different spots in the Garden were provided. One spot for each team. The puzzle pieces had also been placed by the puzzle stands. So, each team had to assemble the puzzle pieces on their puzzle stand to reveal their Pepsi ambassador team name. Also, some of the puzzle pieces had also been hidden in strategic locations in the Garden and teams had to search for their missing puzzle pieces around the Garden.

The first team to correctly complete their puzzle and reveal their Pepsi ambassador team name wins some points. Team Tiwa who was made up of Prince and Nengi, finished first and the points will be added to their overall accumulated points at the end of the day.

Having formed the teams and uncovered their team’s ambassadors, the Housemates were introduced to the next phase of today’s Task.

How well do you know the lyrics?

The major Task today is to put up a grand performance of one of their team ambassador’s songs.

Below is the title of the songs to be performed by each team:

#BBNaija Day 38

The lyrics to each song were provided for each team. All teams will have four hours to rehearse their musical performance. The songs will be played in intervals of 30 minutes. For each time each team’s song is played, the team must proceed to their puzzle stand in the Garden with a bottle of Pepsi to be used as a microphone and practice their performance.

All through this rehearsal, the teams must improvise with a bottle of Pepsi as microphones; however, teams have the liberty to practice anytime and anywhere in the House during the stipulated four hours of rehearsals. The only time they are required to practice in front of their puzzle stand with a bottle of Pepsi is when the team’s song is played.

While we await the final music performance, which Lockdown Pepsi team are you rooting for?

Day 38: Chilled Vibes

The Housemates talk about their home lives and their House lives. While the others are sleeping, Tolanibaj and Vee discuss the love triangle that is Brighto, Wathoni and Dorathy.

Day 38: Gisting about ‘ships

While lying in bed together, Dorathy and Laycon get to discussing how ‘ships have become a feature in Biggie’s House. They touch on the ones they have nearly been a part of and how it has affected their time in House.

Day 38: Artistic inspiration

While getting to work on their latest Wager the Big Brother Housemates discuss where they learned art and what inspires their creativity.

Day 38: A good time
The Housemates decided to put petty differences aside, sheath their swords and let the good vibes in.

#BBNaija Day 38

Just like the rest of us, the Lockdown Housemates have found a way to make good use of being on Lockdown and create some fun while at it. It’s always refreshing seeing them put their chore wars, petty drama, and come together to have a good time.

Being natural-born entertainers, creatives, actors and musicians, the Lockdown Housemates do not fail to show us what they are made of and are always keen to showoff and showcase their talents in the House. Everyone is pretty much still on Lockdown now, right? So if you can, there’s never been a better time to enjoy your stay at home than to join the Housemates in their fun times.

Game of Charades

Large gatherings like the Lockdown House, call for a few fun games to play, and one of them that is easy to play at the drop of a hat is charades. Not only is this game simple enough for all the Housemates to participate in, but whenever they are gathered in Biggie’s Garden to play this game, everyone usually has a great bonding time filled with fun and laughter. So, whenever you see the Lockdown geng playing the game of Charades, be sure to anticipate a bunch of wild antics, and be sure to participate and tweet while at it.

How daring are you?

The Lockdown legendary truth or dare games cannot be easily forgotten even in years to come. This game has featured alongside the game of Charades on Friday Nights in the Lockdown House. The Housemates had their first bonding session over truth or dare games and secrets were revealed. It was at one of these games we found out that Prince and Ozo were fighting for the attention of Nengi. It was also at one of these games that Kiddwaya did not reciprocate Wathoni’s love and went ahead to kiss Erica; even after Wathoni had shown everyone that she liked him. Whew! These games are always intense, but we can’t deny that the Lockdown geng always come clutch for a good time on nights like this.

Sing along if you may

Whether it’s in Biggie’s Kitchen or in the Garden, the Lockdown Housemates have always found a way to bond over songs and lyrics and when you have musicians like Vee and Laycon in the House, then be sure to have a music concert on your screen. It’s funny how this activity always has an amazing power to bring the Housemates together, even the Housemates that usually shy away from singing at Tasks.

Let’s partaay

What better way to bond in the Lockdown House than on the dancefloor with a cup in one hand and an Oppo phone in the other to capture memories? The Lockdown Housemates usually look forward to the Saturday Night Parties in Biggie’s House and it’s always nice to see them bond over costumes to wear, while recapping events that took place the previous week. Speaking of bonding on the dancefloor, the Housemates put their beef aside and burst some dance moves at the parties and no one is ever left behind, not even the ones that can’t dance. (Lol, we see you, Kiddwaya!)

Find your beautiful

Just as the fear of Eviction starts crippling the Housemates, the Sunday morning Darling Hair sessions usually brings them all together for one last time before the exit of one or more Housemates from the House. Even though this is a Task for them, we love to see them lend a helping hand in trying to get one another beautiful and well-prepared for the long night that awaits them.

We hope to see less of the fights and drama and more of the fun times. After all, who doesn’t like to have a good time?…

Day 38: Lockdown meme gawds
Need a good laugh?

There’s no denying that we all love expressing ourselves through pictures that show a range of our emotions in the most hilarious way. In these hard and stressful times, we must cling to our cherished source of laughter: iconic internet memes.

Some of the best memes out there feature the familiar faces we know and love. These Lockdown Housemates have in one way or another found their way to become favourite memes in the BB Naija internet universe. We’re here to show you the best memes we found on social media that feature our very own Lockdown geng. So, enjoy, for your pleasure!

You can never catch Prince slipping on serving great memes in the House, and when you see him adjusting his sunglasses, get ready to update your media with a meme

This is a Dorathy meme appreciation line

Oya, pick your meme poison

We can’t easily forget this iconic moment in the House. Did someone say tranquility?

The Lockdown meme lords are always meme-ready, even in the midst of receiving Strikes

Does this caption remain relevant though? Whatever the case is, this meme represents just how big a mood can be

Of course, our meme catalogue won’t be complete without our resident counselor.

Which of the Lockdown Housemate(s) has given us the funniest meme so far?

News Credit – Africa Magic

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