#BBNaija Day 39: Prince and Tolanibaj over? Erica attacks Lucy over Kiddwaya, the Kuda Bank task and lots more - Hubtainment Nigeria

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Friday, August 28, 2020

#BBNaija Day 39: Prince and Tolanibaj over? Erica attacks Lucy over Kiddwaya, the Kuda Bank task and lots more

#BBNaija Day 39

Check out all the highlights from #BBNaija Day 39: Prince and Tolanibaj over?, Erica attacks Lucy over Kiddwaya, the Kuda Bank task, and lots more.

Day 39: A colourful morning…

There’s a Wager to win and the Housemates aren’t relenting as they spend the best part of the morning painting their art in preparation for tonight.

Day 39: Erica rants about Lucy’s behaviour

Not pleased with Lucy being condescending towards Kiddwaya, Erica touches on this poor conduct as she rants to Tolanibaj.

Day 39: Just before the Task
While the Housemates waited to make their presentations, they had a blast making jests in the House.

it never takes the Housemates quite long to find something to indulge in while they wait for any event. Today they found interesting topics to make conversations with while they waited.

Money on my mind

Laycon has millions on his mind as he imagined auctioning his painting and someone in attendance making a surprise bid running into millions of dollars. Remember today’s Wager Task involved the Housemate creating artworks for presentation. Laycon already has plans for his masterpiece when he is done presenting. Dorathy also has some choice properties she has gotten in the House that she contemplates putting up for auction. Here’s hoping they do get high bids for these items when and if they do put them up for auction.

Exit group chat

A lot of plans are being made for the future and one of them is creating a chat group for the Housemates. Jokes were made about how the group chat should welcome the Housemates as they got Evicted from the House. A few were of the Housemates clamoured to be made ‘Admins’ on the group so that they could add whomever they wanted. One thing we know about group chat is that one minute, its all fun and games and the next minute “xxxxx has left the group”. Hopefully, that won’t be the case with the Lockdown Geng.

Making jokes

As they waited for their Kuda presentation, the Housemates, led by Dorathy took time to inspect their paintings for the Wager Task and gave amusing feedbacks as they each explained the rationale behind their paintings. They made fun guess about the messages the images were passing as they gave their funny feedbacks. They even had accompanying songs to mock the painting. They questioned the credibility of the paintings while mocking obvious flaws like why a road in the village was tarred or how Neo thought Vee’s painting was a kidnappers’ hideaway.

It’s nice to see them laugh before their Wager presentation. That means the back-to-back loss they experienced isn’t getting to them and when your vision isn’t clouded by past failures, it’s a lot easier to see where you are headed. Hopefully, the Housemates are headed for victory tonight.

Day 39: Kuda’s brief is here
Once again, the BB Naija Housemates have another Task to complete and this time, it’s from the folks at Kuda Bank.

Today’s Task in the BB Naija House is about Kuda and the Kuda Break Free Games. The Head of House has briefed the House on this new Task they are about to take on. The Task is divided into two exciting activities. The first part is called the Break Free Skit while the second is the Break Free Game.

Picking a team

The Housemates had to first divide themselves into three groups named.

Team Free Bank Transfers
Team No Funny Charges
Team Free ATM Card

To determine their teams, The Housemates took turns picking a card out of a box bearing the cards with the team names

#BBNaija Day 39

Tick tock

With the Housemates divided into the groups, the time is now ticking as they have only two hours to prepare for the first task. Once the time elapses, they will make their way to the garden to make their presentations.

Getting decked

Each Housemate was given a personalised backpack containing their Kuda Bank merchandise and outfits which they had to wear before they prepared for the Task.

After a successful outing at the previous Task, the bar has been raised and we can’t wait to see what the Housemates plan to present for their skits

Day 39: The Kuda Break Free presentation

Free ATM Card, No Funny Charges, and Free Bank Transactions all showcased their banking related plays and once again the Housemates went above and beyond the call of duty for our entertainment.

Day 39: All about the Kuda skit

After being divided into three teams, the Housemates have to hurry and prepare a skit for Kuda bank. There’s a lot riding on this.

News Credit – Africa Magic

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