#BBNaija Day 43: Erica’s 2nd HoH win, picks Prince as deputy, who’s up for eviction? Diary gists, Wathoni says Dorathy is fake - Hubtainment Nigeria

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

#BBNaija Day 43: Erica’s 2nd HoH win, picks Prince as deputy, who’s up for eviction? Diary gists, Wathoni says Dorathy is fake

#BBNaija Day 43

Catch up with all interesting highlights for #BBNaija Day 43: Erica’s 2nd HoH win, who’s up for eviction? Diary gists, post eviction emotions, Wathoni says Dorathy is fake, and lots more.

Day 43: The emotions post Eviction

From relief to shock, sadness and confusion, the Lockdown Geng expressed their emotions about how the Live Eviction Show turned out.

Day 43: Erica’s second HoH win
For the second time this Season, Erica bagged the Head of House title in tonight’s Challenge.

Before setting the rules for the Head of House Task tonight, Biggie reminded the House about Kiddwaya’s two-week suspension from the Head of House game which begins tonight; for this reason, he is ineligible to participate and also ineligible for the role of Deputy for this period. While for Erica, her suspension from the Head of House game became over and she was welcomed back into the game.

The HoH privileges

As expected, the Housemate who goes farthest in the game within the allotted two minutes wins the title of Head of House. Asides Immunity from the pending Nomination process, the Head of House will have exclusive access to the Head of House Lounge and power to Nominate a fellow Housemate as Deputy Head of House.

The Head of House and Deputy Head of House will also have the privilege to invite one guest each into the Head of House luxury Lounge per week. This they must do within the restriction that the guests are not allowed to spend the night in the lounge and not permitted to sleep in the Head of House bed.

First Nomination session
Trikytee, Laycon, Lucy, Vee, Nengi and Kiddwaya are up for Eviction in the first Nomination session by the Housemates.

Biggie introduced a twist in the middle of season 5 wherein Housemates would Nominate who they feel should go home. The voting process was done differently in the first six Sunday Night Eviction Shows where we saw Housemates Vote for who goes home from the four Housemates with the least votes.

After Monday night HoH games wherein Erica won and picked Prince as her Deputy, one by one the Housemates went into Biggie’s Diary Room and named two Housemates for possible Eviction this week. Here is how the first Housemates’ Nomination Session went down:

#BBNaija Day 43

In the end, Lucy got the most Nominations at six, Trikytee and Laycon received four Nominations while Vee, Nengi, and Kiddwaya all got two Nominations each. They are now up for possible Eviction and it remains to be seen who will leave Biggie’s House during the Sunday Night Live Eviction Show.

Day 43: The Diary Gists

The day after the triple Eviction the Big Brother Housemates used their Diary Room time to decide who they would take with them to the final if they could.

With the shock of Brighto, Tolanibaj, and Wathoni hitting the road still fresh in the Big Brother Housemates minds, it was hard for them to concentrate during the Diary Room Session. That withstanding Biggie still found a way to get the one thing that everyone wanted, answers.

After sharing that he was still recovering from last night, Laycon told Biggie that he was grateful and happy but still not 100%. The only person that he wanted to bring with him to the final if he could was Erica as he would like to compete against her.

Lucy told Biggie that the triple Eviction didn’t affect her because, after Ka3na her friend left, there was nobody else she cared for in the House. When asked about the Live Show surprise she said that every Sunday she just waits for the gist because she wasn’t concerned with the issues of “high people in relationships”

Prince shared with Biggie that he was very optimistic about making it to the top 5, even though the Eviction Wathoni shook him to the core. He also opened up about Dorathy being the only person he would take to the final with him as he admired her drive and will to win.

Vee said that The Live Show drama had her prepared to go home and see her family because people who have never been up for Eviction had to go home. When asked who she would take to the final with her, she said nobody as the choice should be left to the public and she didn’t want to be responsible for anyone’s destiny.

Kiddwaya shared that Brighto’s Eviction was upsetting because they did everything together, but it didn’t come as shock as anyone can go at any stage. When asked about his chances he said that he feels anyone who is still in the House is a contender and should consider themselves a finalist.

As the dust settles front the triple eviction it’s clear that all the Housemates are truly certain of is that certainty in Biggie’s House is nonexistent.

Day 43: After Eviction conversations
The Housemates lived through the emotions of the Triple Evictions last night, but as always there were questions that needed answering in Big Brother’s House.

After the initial shell shock, the Housemates settled into Biggies House and get back into the Game.

Erica and Neo

Erica had a catch up with Neo outside where Erica cleared the air with him about her seemingly bad blood with Vee. She told him that her allegiance in the House was to Tolanibaj as Tolanibaj was her closest female friend in the House, and that is why she stayed out of the conversation about him. Neo explained how he and Vee became attracted to one another and said he was trying to work on his relationship with Tolanibaj as his friend because she was helping him with his ideas. Erica said she would have gone to Vee to tell her herself, but she knew it may end in a fight so she asked Neo to please talk to Vee on her behalf, which he said he would do.

Trikytee and Kiddwaya

The Housemates were having a heart to heart in the same garden contemplating what this all meant. Kiddwaya expressed that his goal was to be proud of himself. The to gents agreed that the first goal when they entered the House, was not to be Evicted first. Trickytee disclosed how grateful he was to be in the House and for the opportunity to have participated in some great Tasks. Kiddwaya also expressed that at this point, they did not know who was working for them outside of the House and that’s probably who was ensuring they stayed in the House, whereas Trikytee was adamant that it was grace.

The HoH Lounge

Nengi and Ozo had been talking the whole evening about Nengi’s anger at Ozo choosing Prince for his team in the Betway Trivia Games; and were finally making their way to being cool with each other again this evening. Neo and Vee joined them in the HoH lounge and also discussed the evening. All of them except Vee expressed complete shock at Tolanibaj leaving. Vee mentioned that Trikytee had seen the bottom four, four times and was still here, whereas people who had been here for six weeks, landed up on the bottom 3 today and were out, just like that. No one knew what the criteria were anymore. Vee ended up saying she would just be anxious until the season is over because people are understanding them now, Ozo and Neo calmed her down, saying she should not play herself.

Neo expressed surprise that his name was called out by Ebuka three times today, expressing that God came through for him tonight! The group laughed and spoke about how Ebuka came to shake tables. Ozo told the Housemates that at the end of the day, you must remember what you came for.

While the Housemates all go through their ups and downs in the House, one thing is certain, they know they are being watched and they are still struggling to find out how and why they stay or leave. Perhaps the answers to that ill become clear in the next few weeks as we navigate the second half of season 5 of Big Brother Naija.

BBNaija Gist: ‘Kiddwaya isn’t into that relationship’ – Brighto

In this exclusive interview, Brighto talks to Ebuka about how Wathoni marked territory faster than Dorathy, the Kiddrica ship, why he thinks Neo is acting a script and many more.

BBNaija Gist: ‘I wanted someone to cuddle with’ – Tolanibaj

In this exclusive chat with Ebuka, Tolanibaj talks about her situationship with Prince, why she voted Vee out, her attraction to Neo and many more.

Game on with Wathoni: ‘Dorathy is cunning and fake’ – Wathoni

This Betway interview had Wathoni giving us juicy gist about her heated argument with Erica, what she thinks about Dorathy, why she loved cuddling in bed with Brighto and her three triangles in the House.

BBNaija Gist: ‘Kiddwaya is just there for fun’ – Wathoni

Wathoni chats to Ebuka about her triangles in the House, what she thinks about Erica and Kiddwaya’s relationship and how Dorathy played her.

Day 43: The Tolanibaj issue

Ebuka’s interview with Erica during the Live Show exposed Tolanibaj’s possible attraction to Neo. This gets under Vee’s skin and during the workout she angrily addresses it with Neo.

Day 43: Meaty issues

While enjoying meats and treats left by the Evicted Housemates the group gets into a debate about the safety of taking leftovers. This was followed by a chat on what they miss most from the outside world.

Day 43: Ozo and Nengi hash it out

Ozo and Nengi try and get to the bottom of their misunderstandings. After repeatedly misunderstanding each other, could this be the dialog that helps them finally get some resolution?

News Credit – Africa Magic 

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